Norsk info

CC GNU GPLPå disse sidene kan du laste ned forskjellige gamle WP-prosjekter jeg har laget. De fleste innstikk og temaer har norsk språkpakke, men all info er skrevet på engelsk.

NB: Det er ingen hjelp å få med disse prosjektene. Jeg legger det ut her i tilfelle noen har nytte av dem.


At these pages you may download old WP Projects (theme/ plugins/ misc.) that I no longer develop and work on.

None of the projects has been tested on newer editions of WP/ WPMU (2.7 +), and there is no support, so if you decide to use any of this you are on your own.

If you’re a WP developer and you’d like to take over any of these projects and keep them updated for newer versions of WordPress, feel free to do so.

Everything is licensed under CC GNU GPL.

Basic2Col theme

My most beloved star WordPress theme.

Basic2Col is just what it says – a basic two column theme for WordPress. The theme was to created to have a basis for a new theme, but you can of course use it as is.

Head over to WordPress Themes for download and a preview

Download with Norwegian language included

PS. the best of basic2col is found in Precious 4.x WP theme

WP Contact Form III

And my most beloved plugin:

WP Contact Form III is a simple contactform based on Ryan Duff’s WP Contact Form and Doug Karr’s challenge (antispam) mod for Ryan’s original form.

What I’ve added (here’s where the “III” comes in..) is giving your visitors the option to specify the subject of their email and easy customization.

Head over to WordPress Plugins for more info and download

Or download with all kinds of languages included (Norwegian, French, Farsi, ++)

Private WPMU Site – WordPressMU plugin

This is a plugin for WPMU that will hide your entire WPMU site from search engines. This plugin is useful for people who’s developing a new site based on MU, and don’t want anyone to find it before it’s live.


MiniBlog It! WPMU hack

This is the files that made MiniBlog It! (and NorBlogg Mini) go around. The package holds the WPMU plugins that was used, together with the themes that was created for the site(s). The themes is a mod of the original Prologue theme by Automattic.

This package doesn’t work on normal WP